What a difference away makes

What a difference away makes

About the NRMA

The NRMA has been keeping people moving for over 100 years providing roadside assistance with quality assured. With an NRMA membership stand with 2.4 million others beside you, get behind the wheel and get more out of your everyday.

While roads and cars may have changed along the way, car batteries still fail, tyres still puncture, engines still overheat and we’re all still human. Join the largest roadside assistance network in Australia and drive for a better tomorrow.

Whatever your adventure, the NRMA has you covered. From simple, everyday protection to keep your family moving to essential protection for larger vehicles, the NRMA has your back with over 1,000 specialist vehicles on the road in NSW and ACT you’re looked after wherever your journey takes you.

The NRMA always has and always will stand up for the rights of our communities. Since the early days campaigning for sealed roads and seat belt legislation, the NRMA continues to listen to customer views and keeps its principals, lobbying the government to ensure their voices are heard.

Beyond roadside, the NRMA are passionate about where you are headed. Before you even put your key in the ignition the NRMA can help with securing finance with a car loan, motoring advice, help with your driving test at one of our driving schools, car servicing, car batteries, windscreen replacements and more.

Whether you’re staying close to home or travelling far and wide, NRMA membership has more benefits for the journey ahead including car insurance, car hire, fuel and travel discounts and even movie tickets. On every step of your journey, the NRMA goes with you.

With your NRMA Membership you can take advantage of a number of benefits at any one of our NRMA parks or resorts located around Australia, from Tasmania to Queensland and along the New South Wales coast.