What a difference away makes

What a difference away makes

Victor Harbor Schoolies Booking Conditions

Application Process

  • As soon as a decision is made on an application, guests will be advised via email. As such, please do not contact the park to check on the status on an application;
  • On acceptance of the booking, Schoolies guests will receive an email confirmation including a link to make the holding deposit payment via credit card online;
  • A ‘Team Leader’ will be appointed who will be the primary point of contact for all bookings.


  • Pricing schedule is per person with a 3 day festival ticket included in the price.
  • All bookings are for a 3 night stay from 22 – 25 November 2019;
  • Costing for Schoolies’ accommodation is provided below:
Per Person for 3 nights
(including 3 day
festival ticket). 
First payment due 1 February 2019 Second payment due 1 April 2019 Third payment due 1 June 2019 Refundable
bond due 1 August 2019
Powered site –
Maximum 8 guests per site
$420 $100 $100 $220 $400 (per site)
Powered Ensuite Sites–
Maximum 8 guests per site
$465 $100 $100 $265 $400 (per site)
Unpowered Site –
Maximum 8 guests per site
$390 $100 $100 $190 $400 (per site)
2 Bed Cabin –
Maximum 4 guests per cabin
$693 $150 $150 $393 $1,000 (per cabin)
Waterview Cabin –
Maximum 4 guests per cabin
$723 $150 $150 $423 $1,200 (per cabin)
Studio –
Maximum 2 guests per studio
$573 $100 $100 $373 $900 (per studio)
Ocean Breeze Villa –
Maximum 4 guests per villa
$813 $200 $200 $413 $1,500 (per villa)

Payment of the refundable bond must be made via credit card. Refunds of bond payments will be made to the same credit card within 2 weeks of departure.

Refund Policy

  • Bookings cancelled prior to 31 March 2019 are refundable, less admin fee of $50;
  • Bookings cancelled after the 1 April 2019 are non-refundable;
  • Bookings are accepted based on a specific number of guests per site. The number of guests per booking is not able to be altered. Individual cancellations will not be accepted or refunded, however guests may opt to find a replacement. Any changes to the guests listed on the booking will need to be sent by the Team Leader via email to [email protected] and will need to include the name of the guest no longer staying and the full details of the replacement guest, including phone number, Student ID and email. Any changes to bookings must be done before 1 June 2018. Any changes made after 1 June 2019 will incur a $30 admin fee.

Check in

  • Reception will be open for arrivals between 9am and 7pm on 22 November 2019;
  • All guests must check in as an entire group;
  • Any guests wishing to check in individually without their group or wishing to check in outside of the Reception hours on Friday will only be accepted with prior approval so Reception is staffed accordingly. The Team Leader can organise these alternate arrangements by emailing [email protected] prior to 15 November 2019;
  • All guests will be required to produce current student ID on arrival. If a guest is unable to provide a current student ID, photo identification in the form of a drivers’ licence, 18+ Card or passport will be required along with a letter on School letterhead confirming the student’s ID number. For the security of all our Schoolies guests, we will be unable to allow access to the park to anyone without the required ID;
  • Wrist bands will be applied by park staff and must be worn to remain within the park. There will be a charge for replacement bands and student ID must be produced;
  • Sites and cabins will be allocated by the park and are unable to be confirmed prior;

Check Out

  • All Schoolies must be ready for check out from 9am on 25 November 2019;
  • Site inspections will be held between 9am and 10am on Monday morning. Where the site or accommodation fails to meet the required standard, bonds will be withheld;
  • In the event that damage to a site or accommodation is over and above the value of the bond payment, the park will invoice the Team Leader for additional reimbursement to the value of the costs of repairs;
  • Once a park team member has completed the inspection, guests can then check out. All guests will need to depart the park by 11am;
  • Daily random inspections will also be completed and park staff will highlight to Schoolies guests at the time any issues that may have an impact on their bonds.


  • Security will be patrolling the park around the clock for the duration of the weekend;
  • The park will be fully fenced, with access only available from the front of the park near the Security station. Only Schoolies guests registered with the park with relevant wristbands and ID will be able to access the park;
  • Parents are more than welcome to accompany Schoolies guests to their sites to set up on Friday and for pick up on Monday morning;
  • The park will be closed to regular holiday guests;
  • The Green Team will be set up on site who will be a great source of information and support;
  • For Schoolies’ safety, the Waterpark, Pump track, Swimming Pool, Jumping Pillow and Camp Kitchens will be off limits and not accessible to guests;
  • Guests will have access to a limited number of free electric BBQs and two large amenities blocks;
  • Please note that any furniture (ie. couches) must be removed on departure. Furniture cannot be disposed of within the on-site bins. The cost for removal of any furniture left on site or within bins will be deducted from your bond;
  • Only guests registered to stay in cabin accommodation will be allowed in their allocated cabin. Security will monitor this in their regular patrols;
  • Guests exhibiting behaviour that is inconsistent with ensuring a safe and comfortable weekend for all guests will be asked to leave the park;
  • Please note the following items are prohibited from the park. Bags and cars will be checked by Security for these items:
    • No glass is allowed within the park over the weekend (any glass, including sealed glass bottles, will be confiscated by Security);
    • Illegal drugs are strictly banned from the park. SAPOL will have regular inspections during the weekend and anyone found with drugs will be asked to leave;
    • Gas bottles, heat beads and any open fires/flames;
    • No beer bongs are permitted within the park.
  • Any guest in breach of the above terms of stay will be asked to leave.