5 top tips for cool weather camping

Have a chilled camping trip without the chill.


5 top tips for cool weather camping

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Most of the year, Australia’s climate is nothing short of hot, dry and in some locations – very humid. Although there are a few months of the year when the weather turns, and those hot days standing under steady waterfalls and swimming in natural lakes are replaced by cosy campfires and cold hands stuffed in warm knitted gloves.

Cool-season camping provides the opportunity to enjoy the hidden wonders of Australia. With many places outside of their peak season and less cars on the road, you should be able to enjoy a comfortable road trip and nab yourself the perfect location to set up camp.

Here are our 5 top tips for cool weather camping!

Set up in style

Camping in the cooler months all comes down to your setup. A good quality waterproof tent makes all the difference, when choosing a spot ensure you’re facing east/west to take advantage of the warmth of the morning and afternoon sun. Extra tarp and a thick blanket on the floor of your tent will help add some insulation and can really make a difference during the cool nights.

*Fires are not permitted at all parks and resorts, please contact reception to confirm

Leave the blow-up air mattress at home

Sleeping directly on the ground at this time of the year could leave you with more than just a sore back. A foam or insulated self-inflating mattress are perfect to help retain heat. Even camp stretchers can benefit from a mattress or a couple of blankets between the canvas and you. Make sure to bring an extra doona to layer over your sleeping bag for added warmth.

Layer upon layer

Layers are more than just fashionable – they’re functional and the trick to staying warm while camping during cooler weather. Your first layer should be snug-fitting thermals to trap the heat. Pop on a comfy layer of fleece or warm clothes over the top and finish off with a waterproof jacket and pants. Accessorise with a beanie, scarf, gloves, warm socks and boots. This way, you’ll use your own body heat to keep yourself insulated.

Your BCF (best camping friend)

Your hot water bottle is an absolute essential during cooler camping weather. You can pop one under your bed covers for a few hours before you hit the hay as a makeshift electric blanket. Try rolling your clothes around one in the morning to make them nice and toasty after your shower. Disposable heat packs – while not as environmentally-friendly – can also be a very handy addition during the winter months. Try slipping some into the pockets of jackets to warm your hands and body or even inside your boots.

Hot drinks

Keep yourself warm from the inside out with a hot cuppa. It’s a great way to shake off the morning chill or unwind after a long day. Better yet, sip from a thermos filled with your favourite hot drink throughout the day and stay toasty all day long.

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