Top Fishing Lures to use at Somerset Dam

If you're planning a fishing getaway to Somerset Dam, local fishing legend, Brett has all the tips and techniques to share.


Top Fishing Lures to use at Somerset Dam


Somerset Dam is one of the most popular freshwater fishing and camping destinations in Australia. It’s known for its large flat areas and deep calm waters. The dam is also home to some truely beautiful fish including bass, silver perch, saratoga, Mary River cod and golden perch – just to name a few. And with NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park positioned right next to the dam, you can set yourself up and go fishing for days on end.

So if you’re planning on a family fishing getaway or maybe even a fishing weekend away with some friends, there’s one thing you can’t forget before heading out on the water – fishing lures! For those of you who are just starting out, a fishing lure is artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish’s attention. They often mimic underwater creepy-crawlies that fish love to eat, including worms, crayfish and frogs. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash and attractive colours to bait fish. The science behind lures is actually quite impressive, as different species of fish are attracted to different types of lures.

To get a better understanding of how to fish the dam, we caught up with local fishing guru Brett Klaus. Nicknamed  “Mr. Somerset” as he’s been fishing on the Somerset Dam for over 30 years, Brett knows the lake better than anyone.

Brett was kind enough to give us a run down of the top lures to use when fishing on the lake, along with some best practices and techniques when catching bass.

Brett’s Top Lures:

The popular Halco Twisty creates an enticing action like no other metal lure. The twisty curvature profile on the lure bends to an S Shape that increases the action on retrieving, so you can have the best chance to catch the incredible freshwater Australian Bass while out on the water.

Tailspinners can be easily cast and retrieved, fished vertically and slow trolled to target the amazing bass in the lake. They’re equipped with a special spinning blade on the tail which creates flash and vibration, luring in some of those awesome deep water fish.

As Brett mentions, Soft Plastic Lures are great for kids and are a really inexpensive option. They’re renowned for being an extremely versatile lure, with most designed to cause an irresistible tail wiggle that attracts and drives fish absolutely wild! Choose from a range of shapes including worms, grubs and crayfish.

Last but not least – Trolling Lures. Another great lure to use on Somerset Dam. These lures are designed to be pulled behind the boat, where the lures plastic bib allows the lure to dive towards the bottom to schooled fish below. This is a simple yet effective way to cruise around the lake and fish at the same time. Brett recommends cruising anywhere between 3 – 5 km an hour or around about a good walking pace for those on kayaks.

When you’re at the Dam, you can  purchase any of these lures mentioned above at the Somerset Fishing shop, there’s also a great selection of rods and lines and any other equipment you might of left at home.

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