Lake Jindabyne activities

Make the most out of your Jindabyne getaway with these 6 amazing Lake Jindabyne activities.


Lake Jindabyne activities

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When winter blows over in Jindabyne and the warmer months settle in, it isn’t the once snowy mountain ranges and ski resorts that attract the summertime visitors, instead it’s the stunning Lake Jindabyne. This famous body of water drives people from all around the country to enjoy the many fun and enjoyable activities this beautiful lake provides.


With pristine waters, incredible mountain backdrops and an abundance of marine life, Lake Jindabyne is one of the most popular fishing lakes in the country. The lake offers recreational fishers a great opportunity to catch the many trout and salmonoid species that have been introduced over the last century in the unique surrounds of the Aussie bush. It’s also one of the best lakes for fly fishing trout.

Make sure to check out our extensive Jindabyne Fishing Guide for tips and tricks on fishing the region.


If you’re visiting Jindy in the warmer months, why not take a refreshing and rejuvenating swim in the cool and relaxing alpine water of Lake Jindabyne? With plenty of secluded spots around, you won’t have any trouble finding a nice quiet place to kick back with your family or friends for a paddle.

Mountain Biking

During the warmer months, Jindabyne is an absolute hotspot for mountain biking groups and enthusiasts. The region boasts incredible biking trails from Jindabyne, Thredbo and beyond. Everything from Forrest trails to the valley and fast downhill experiences – there’s a bike trail for every age and ability to enjoy.

For something close to the lake, hit up the Lake Jindabyne trail. The existing mountain biking trail currently sits to the south of the lake and links Jindabyne to Tyrolean Village. The trail is planned to link all community areas around Lake Jindabyne and will eventually provide numerous riding options. It’s a project that aims to see single track mountain bike trails connect the outer villages and also link with other trail networks in the region. For more information on where to mountain bike, visit the Snowy Mountain tourism website.

Water Sports

Lake Jindabyne provides the perfect playground for some serious water sport thrills. Whether it’s canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing or power-boating – anyone who loves a day on the water will find plenty to do out on the lake.

If you don’t have your own, Sacred Ride in Jindabyne offer water sports craft hire. Everything from paddle boats to kayaks and canoes are available to hire between 1 hour to a full day.

Walking and Picnicking

Whether you’re after a morning wake up call or an afternoon stroll, a walk around Lake Jindabyne is a must. There’s a concrete walking trail that takes you around the scenic foreshore and is suitable for all ages and abilities. If you’re visiting in the cooler months, make sure you rug up, even taking a hot flask of tea wouldn’t go amiss. And if you’re there during the right time of winter, you’ll be spoiled with beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains that surround. If you’re there during summer – take along a picnic set up and find a spot by the lake to enjoy with the family.

For more ideas on what to experience in the snowy mountains, check out our Top 10 things to do in Jindabyne blog.

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