5 top #Holidayspam tips

5 holiday photography tips to make your friends jealous


5 top #Holidayspam tips


Whether your weapon of choice is Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, I’m sure you can agree there’s some sort of guilty pleasure in posting pictures that will make your family and friends jealous of your holiday. Follow these five tips and they’ll be more envious than ever.

Image source: @carol.w5

Tip 1:

How’s the light? Lighting is the single most important aspect of photography – it’s even in the name (photo means light). In most situations, try and get the predominant light (probably the sun) behind you and a little to the side. Avoid flash (especially if using a phone) unless absolutely necessary.

Tip 2:

What’s the focus? Almost as important as light is which part of the shot is in focus. Even on smartphones, you can choose the focal point of your shot by touching your finger to that part of the screen. Experiment by moving the focal point away from the centre of your shot.

Image source: @jevigurl

Tip 3:

The Three Rule. Composition plays a huge part in photography. The simplest, most effective guide is the rule of thirds. Pretend there’s a grid drawn across your shots – three across and three down – and place the focal point of your shot along the length of one line (like a horizon) or at intersection of two of them (maybe your caravan or a person).

Tip 4:

Selfie-tastic. Selfies are an important part of modern photography, but if you’re going to make the most of the opportunity, you’ll want to show of as much of your enviable location as possible. Consider propping your camera on something and using timer functions, or get a selfie stick.

Image source: @mspynkfit

Tip 5:

Don’t skimp on the filters. Purists might tell you never to use filters or photo effects, but photography is just as much about portraying a feeling or experience as it is about documenting history. If the emotion behind your shot is bright and fantastic, add some saturation and warmth. If your shot captured a moody moment, use a demure filter to show how you’re feeling.

The Bonus Tip. The best camera is the one you’ve got, so don’t worry about having the latest or greatest. But more importantly, don’t let your commitment to ‘getting the perfect shot’ make you miss out on the awesome experience you’re trying to capture. Humans still had incredible memories before cameras, and you can too, even if you leave your iPhone at camp.