Holiday parks for happy getaways


Holiday parks for happy getaways

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Holiday parks are one of the happiest places you will ever visit.

We’ve stayed in many parks and resorts over the past few months and each one has proven to be an enjoyable, memorable experience. Granted, everyone is in holiday mode so happy, cheery folk are expected. But still, everyone is keen for a chat and a laugh and there’s always someone interested in your caravan set-up and your travelling journey.

Mini-golf fun at Treasure Island, Gold Coast 
Darlington Beach, Coffs Harbour 

We’ve met many families on weekend getaways who love nothing more than packing up the car and taking a short road trip to their favourite park. Sometimes they travel alone and at other times they plan group holidays with family friends. And everyone says the same thing: “The kids love it, they make new friends wherever we go and if they’re having a good time then so are we.”

Indeed, a weekend away at a holiday park is the perfect opportunity for family bonding. Getting away from routine, housework and weekend obligations definitely gives you the space and time to connect with your kids and just be with them. There’s no distractions and definitely no to-do lists – just long, summer days where you can relax, swim and play together.

Jumping for joy at Darlington Beach, Coffs Harbour

And in all honesty, the kids make their own fun. It’s almost guaranteed that my kids will go off for a scooter ride and return with five other kids on bikes. “We made new friends!” they declare before riding off to the jumping pillow or the park. If there’s a kids club then it’s a promise of fun activities between swimming sessions and food breaks.

There’s a real sense of community, happiness and relaxation at holiday parks; it’s the perfect recipe for a memorable holiday that leaves you feeling relaxed and connected. 

Somerset Dam at Lake Somerset, Somerset 
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