10 Glamping Essentials

Make the most of your glamping getaway by packing these essential items


10 Glamping Essentials


What better way to relax than a glamping getaway?

Our glamping experiences are ideal for those who want to connect with nature without having to rough it. We’ll provide all the basic creature comforts, but to make this glam camping experience even more comfortable – make sure you pack and bring along these 10 glamping essentials:

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1. Cooking accessories

If you’re looking to cook up a storm on your glamping getaway, don’t forget to pack your cooking accessories. These include:

  • Kitchen/BBQ utensils
  • Plates, drinking cups and cutlery

2. Food and drinks

A couple of our camp kitchen favourites are:

  • Steaks and sausages (A good source of protein and easy to cook up.)
  • A loaf of fresh bread
  • A good salad mix, or fresh lettuce
  • Plenty of fresh fruit and veg
  • Dried fruits (dried apricots, sultanas, prunes, etc.)
  • Instant coffee and teabags
  • Your favourite ingredients to make a sandwich, because sandwiches are super quick and easy to make, and everyone can personalise them to their liking
  • Bagels are great for a glamping trip. You can cook them up, make them into a fancy breakfast sandwich, or smother them in your favourite spread.
  • Cheese, crackers, olives and cold meats (Because it’s not really a glamping getaway without the full picnic spread.)

3. Swimmers

Don’t forget to pack your swimmers! With a number of NRMA Parks and Resorts situated by swimming beautiful beaches and rivers.

4. Sun protection

The Australian sun is fierce, so it’s important you protect yourself from harmful UV rays when you’re out and about. For the most protection, a hat and sunscreen go a long way.

Quick tip:

Wear a brimmed hat, they shade your face, ears, and the back of your neck. If you wear a baseball cap, make sure to protect your ears and the back of your neck by wearing clothing or applying sunscreen that covers those areas.

5. A drink bottle or thermos

Whether it’s glamping or camping, keeping hydrated while outdoors is paramount. For long days out exploring the region, opt for a leak-proof and fuss-free Thermos that you can carry around with you. Perfect for keeping your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot!

6. A good book

Why not take getting lost on a glamping getaway one step further and get lost in a good book while you’re at it? Being on holiday means taking time out to relax and rejuvenate, putting down the smartphone or iPad and having a ‘digital detox’. A good book is a great replacement.

7. A camera

Did you even go glamping if you didn’t take the pics to prove it..? Take some instaworty snapshots of your glamping getaway and share them online. Use the hashtag #NRMAglamping for your chance to be featured on our instagram page. ?

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8. Warm clothes and accessories

While Autumn is in full swing, some nights might still feel a little chilly, especially for the little nippers. Make sure to pack a few layers of clothing, some comfy bed socks and a nice fluffy beanie.

9. Mosquito repellent

To keep any annoying mozzies at bay, make sure you don’t forget to pack the the insect repellent.

10. A sense of adventure

With so much to see and do both inside the holiday park and out, make sure to bring your sense of adventure.

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