How to launch a boat

The boys at Somerset Dam are here to show you how to launch a boat safely.

Family fishing on a boat at Somerset Dam

How to launch a boat


Somerset Dam is one of the most popular freshwater fishing and camping destinations in Australia. And with NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park situated alongside the famous dam, you can set yourself up for a fun-filled fishing getaway with family or friends. The waters at the dam are deep and calm, perfect for taking the boat out and soaking up that gorgeous warm Queensland sun.  However, before you decide to head out onto a boat and cast a line – it’s important to make sure you know how to launch a boat safely onto the water.

Take your time, it’s not a race:

It’s important to remember that whether this is your first or 31st time launching a boat – it’s still recommended to take your time and enter the water slowly.

Start in a straight line so you have the least amount of turns to do:

Don’t make things complicated for yourself – position your car or ute straight with your boat and trailer aligned nicely behind.

Mirrors are key:

Make sure your central and side mirrors are positioned correctly before reversing.

Line your guard up in your mirror:

Before you start launching, make sure you’re able to see your guard in your mirror. A good idea is to angle them down a little bit for reversing slightly downhill, so you can see where your tyres are.

Keep your eye on the runway:

Make sure nothing is obstructing your vision and there’s no objects in your way on the runway. If you have a friend helping you out, make sure you know where he or she is at all times.

Reverse in small movements:

Easy goes it! The smaller movements you make, the easier it’ll be to re-adjust yourself if you’ve made an error.

If you lose sight of your guard in the mirrors, re-adjust:

It’s vital to make sure you can see your guard in the mirrors at all time, otherwise you’re backing in blind.

Left is right, and right is left:

Remember to turn the wheel in the direction you want the rear of your car and boat to go.

If you see people who need help, give them a hand:

If you notice someone is struggling to launch their boat, offer them some assistance, especially if they’re on their own. A second pair of eyes is a huge help.

In our last Somerset Dam story, we caught up with local fishing guru Brett Klaus who was kind enough to give us a run down of the top fishing lures to use at Somerset Dam.

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