Enjoy the water safely these holidays


Enjoy the water safely these holidays


We want everyone to enjoy the water safely these holidays so that’s why we’ve partnered with Royal Life Saving Australia to produce a series of videos on water safety. Watch Olympic champion swimmer Brooke Hanson share helpful tips to keep you and your family safe by the water these holidays and beyond.

Episode 1: Supervise children around water

Supervision is the single most important thing you can do to keep your children safe around water. We all know how busy things can get and when you’re trying to do many things at once, this is when you can get distracted. Children can wander away unnoticed while parents attend to other tasks. Remember to always keep watch and within arm’s reach and enjoy the water these holidays.

Episode 2: Wear a lifejacket

Lifejackets are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when boating. There is a lifejacket for every activity and every body and with the modern comfortable design of lifejackets there is really no excuse not to wear one. Make sure all the family are wearing lifejackets before heading out for a fun day on the water.

Episode 3: Avoid alcohol around water

Alcohol and water don’t mix. Alcohol consumption can significantly increase the risk of drowning. Leave the alcohol until safely away from the water, look out for your family and friends and pull them into line if they’re under the influence and thinking about going into the water.

Episode 4: Never swim alone

Thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’ is too often the call made – Royal Life Saving Australia research shows that poor decision making can lead to tragedy. Swim with a friend or with family. If you do go alone, make sure you swim at a patrolled beach or a pool with lifeguards on duty. No mater your skill level and confidence, avoid going alone. Grab some family or friends and enjoy the water these holidays.

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